Rodney acquired his passion for the automobile honestly on the day he was born! Rodney's father, George Trask, was a world class driver and race car builder. Specializing in Ferrari's, Lotus's and Brabham's. The Trask family traveled extensively  every weekend racing across the country. George Trask raced with or worked with names like Walter Cronkite, Roger Penske and Paul Newman. Rodney witnessed it first hand as a kid. The family thought everyone lived like this. When Rodney got old enough he carried on the racing tradition and eventually achieved  back-to-back 2004-05 SCCA Southeast Championship in his Austin Healey Sprite. Like his father Rodney has many racing accolades and a well respected name in road racing. If it burns fuel, like his father, Rodney has tried to make it go faster. Though Rodney does not race any longer, he is regularly sought after by racers for direction or retained to help build others race cars.  

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