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Multiple VW Jettas

John H

Rodney Trask does not only help us with our vintage Austin Healey  barn find race car restoration project. He also works on my personal vehicle, my sons car, all of my sisters/family cars and good friends cars as well. He's honest, thorough, fair priced and always accommodating when were in a pinch to get it repaired in a timely manner. I was taught at an early age that you need a good lawyer, good doctor, and a good least I was able to find a good mechanic!​

Being one who puts a lot of road miles on a diesel in a year. I have come to trust Trask Automotive in doing all the maintenance on my 2010 VW Jetta TDI. They offer very prompt service, competitive prices, and have the necessary technical experience that I trust in keeping my car reliable, and on the road without problems.​

​Rodney Trask has attended to the three Volkswagens in my family for several years. I have always received quality, timely service at fair prices. He anticipates many service concerns with our cars and clearly communicates them to us. I fully trust Rodney with the vehicles on which my girls rely.

2010 VW Jetta

​Tom T